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Freight Reduction

1. Freight Reduction

  • This may be the single largest opportunity for shippers to reduce their freight costs. Just as larger packages offer a better value in the grocery store, in shipping, the larger the weight of the shipment, the lower the cost per pound. If there is any way to group packages together, there is probably a way to reduce costs.

From putting multiple orders in the same box to banding boxes together, palletizing shipments or using a full truck, there are many methods shippers can utilize to consolidate their shipments.

Residential shippers can take advantage of parcel consolidators and save 25% to 30% and Parcel shippers can save up to 40%.

Air shippers and international shippers can take advantage of shipment pricing by placing multiple packages on the same waybill or negotiating rates from carriers that price your shipment by total weight instead of box weight.